What is local seo and how it helps your business

I know why you are here . And like me, i used to look for resources on how to dominate local search positioning. You came to this page in response to your query about local search optimization. And you are here because you are searching for a way on how to boost your leads and conversion isn’t it?

Ok, before we go further let me explain to you the benefit of local SEO and how it helps your business in local market.
So what is Local SEO? Local SEO is a method where your website are being place right into the eyes of your prospected customer who are searching for specific product or service offered within your area.

In fact Google is doing every possible things to help those people searching for a product specially service to narrow down the result before it take place.

Let say for example I am staying in California and I need a locksmith service so as a typical user i will search either “California Locksmith Service” or “Locksmith California” and if your website is optimized in local search, the chance of your website being selected or click is high compare to those on the next page.

Do not ignore the power of local search cos’ it will definitely give you a good leads and conversion rate. And to skyrocket the traffic to your business you need to have your website being optimized on geo location.

And to help you to outrank on Google Local Search, you need to work hard on it, spend time in building links and make a good strategy to win the competition. But if you don’t have enough time for those hard work, you can get someone to assist you or an SEO Service Provider to handle this leg-work for you. To do so, you need an agency like us to optimized your website and build quality links that give signal to Google’s Algorithm to outrank your website or company.

Why did I say “quality links?” It’s simple, because we don’t want you to be one of those millions of website being penalized by Google, like what had happen to others on the recent update on Google’s algorithm. And we don’t want that to happen to your business, and most importantly we don’t want to waste our time, effort and hard work cos it doesn’t make sense at all.

As we always say, We don’t promise – We provide result. Contact us and let us help you and your business to grow and win the crowd.

Before I make a full-stop, let me say Thanks to Search Engines for making business and people connected as close possible.

What is SEO and how it helps your business?

What is SEO and how it helps your business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization defined as a technique to improve our business’ visibility in much bigger targeted market. Optimizing your website will improve its visibility in Major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  But on top of that, your business should have a good product or you have a good service to offer!

Here’s the equation for that. Optimized + More Visitors + Good Product or Service = More Sales

Take note that product always comes on first, cos there’s no point of optimizing your website if you don’t have a good product to sell or a good service to offer.

How can it help my business?

SEO is performed to help your site become:

  • Crawable by Search Engine
  • Accessible by User through organic search
  • a source of targeted traffic
  • a marketing & sales tool

How micronetworkz help your business?

We will split it in four phases.

Phase One- On Page SEO. Optimizing the website to include all of the necessary on-page elements. This phase includes keyword research, competitive analysis and determining conversions.

Phase Two- Off Page SEO. The initial phases of link building. Preferably, during this phase, we would want to begin building a social and online presence through content creation.

Phase Three- Content Marketing Strategy. It is important to have a unique and valuable content. And it is necessary for this phase. This will be your bullet and mortar to gain decent traffic to your website.

Phase Four- Maintenance – In this phase, we will make it sure that your position is sustainable. Once we reach our goal we will make it sure that the traffic and conversion will maintain at least 80%